Why this website is so primitive

Last Updated: June 13, 2019

There are two reasons:

I have become disgusted at the current state of the Web in terms of readability, privacy, tracking, bloat, and the various excesses (both technological and aesthetic) which have made the Web less useful in recent years. Web pages that are beautiful are frequently less usable, and web pages that are considered beautiful are often just bloated or novel. The style of this site does not in any way depict my ideal, however in terms of respecting browser controls (forward and back), cross-platform compatibility, and overall usability, I think it does well.

The second reason is I am just utterly shit at web design. The more I work to improve the aesthetics of a page is less time I spend publishing content I have authored or curated. This site is meant to be simple to maintain and publish on without worry that a new type of content is going to break my current stylesheet.

I want to tell you that the first reason is the more important of the two, but I will cop to the latter: I just have no aesthetic sense.

Still, for you, this means: no cookies and, for the most part (meaning, none as I write this), no Javascript. You should be able to browse this site in any browser over any network, including tor, without issues or warnings from Privacy Badger or uBlock Origin.

And that's worth something by way of compensation, right?


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