Last Updated: April 14, 2018

These are my own notes, but perhaps they will be of use to someone else. They reflect my personal tastes. I have no connection to any of the beers I review here.


Golden Hind

A beer in two acts: First, sweet malt, with mild but present hops on the finish. Light copper color. Hops is far more muted than most pale ales, which is welcome. Few pale ales I have had have been as malty up front. Like this one a lot. One of Tucson's stand-outs and a pale ale for people who think they don't like pale ale. I wish they made it more frequently. Could drink a lot of this. A welcome alternative to the tedious march of indistinguishable West Coast IPAs. Would like the beer to have just a little more body. I don't believe this has a higher IBU than, say, Deschutes's Mirror Pond.

Angel of Antwerp

Shocker. A Tucson Belgian I actually dig. Neither excessively fruity/cidery, nor particularly sweet, the real surprise is the aftershock, which is a savory yeast note which pops up seconds after you swallow and coats the tongue in a way which surprises.

And I do love yeast. It's my favorite beer constituent.

Beer is golden and cloudy, and becomes less translucent and a few steps darker (orange) in the middle of the glass. Smell is yeast, and hops has stepped back to the give the yeast center stage (hops is perfect here). This is less bright than most imports, but this is not a weakness, but rather an interesting variant on the style. No trub here, but would not mind a few floaties. Sometimes, they are my only friends.

Keyword here is savory.

Tucson brewers routinely screw this style up in ways which depress me. Way to go Iron John's. Dang.

El Tiradito

Bold foamy white head. Golden. Cloudy. Definitely a chardonnay note here, and just a trace of booze, which is unexpected at this elevated but not particularly extreme ABV. Sweeter than Angel of Antwerp with more fruit. Caps off the hat trick for Iron John's on this Saturday Night. This is a really nice looking beer, and you ought to seek out a good tulip or wine glass to show it off. Tastes like a Belgian beer rather than a bullshit American take on a Belgian beer. Front is fruit, and back end is slightly vinuous (this is a surprise), and while sweetness is there, it does not overwhelm.

The first few bottles I bought from Iron John's (forget the brews/styles) weren't that great. They have clearly hit their stride. What I like about this one is they've put their signature on it, which is that chardonnay/vinuous note which plays well with the classical flavors of this old style of beer.

Nice one.