About The Dust Council

Last Updated: July 21, 2017
Photograph of The Dust Council

If there is one aspect of life in Southern Arizona which differs from my New Jersey upbringing, it is this: dust.

Each year in February I am obliged to unhook all of my computer equipment, drag it out to the back patio, and blast it with a Shop-Vac.

I collect Vietnam War-era publications, underground newspapers, old computer equipment, books on alchemy and the occult, and a whole host of other items related to these.

There's a metaphor here somewhere but I don't know what it is. I have grown far more boring than I ever suspected was possible. I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas.

Current MooringMarana, Arizona (near Tucson)
What I say to people when they want to know where I'm fromLopatcong, New Jersey (near Phillipsburg)
UniversityRutgers, New Brunswick: 1994
SpawnedNixon, Vietnam, Gen X
CareerPeople complain to me about computer systems. Then I type stuff.
ReligionSurprisingly complicated.
PoliticsBored. With mine, with yours, and with everyone else's.
First ConsoleAtari 2600 (1978). I have never owned another. Not a gamer.
First ComputerCommodore 64 (1983)
I have been online a long-ass time
  • 1984: Dialed first BBS via 300 baud Westridge modem on a C=64.
  • 1987: Put up my first BBS, Radio K.A.O.S., in New Jersey. (Image BBS).
  • 1991: First Internet access via shell account @eden.rutgers.edu. Gopher, WAIS, Telnet, FTP, IRC, MUD
  • 1992: StormWatch I BBS with college housemates (VirtualBBS)
Home Network
  • Desktop: Windows 10
  • File Server / Shell: Homebrew Debian GNU/Linux (headless, CLI only)
  • Router: CURRENTLY DEAD: Homebrew Debian GNU/Linux (headless, CLI only)
  • Mobile: Android (phone), iOS (tablet)

I have given up on Linux on the desktop. I occasionally run Ubuntu w/LXDE via Virtualbox or VMWare on a Windows 10 host.

I ran Gentoo as my main desktop from 2003-2011.

Windows 10 is, of course, terrible as well. But at least I don't have to wrestle with its font rendering.

2017 is a low water mark when it comes to desktop operating systems.

I like remote deserts, gray misty seashores in midwinter, dark forests, old cathedrals, thunderstorms, overgrown paths, coyotes howling, owls, monasteries, Gregorian chants, ruins, and wind.

I enjoy solitude and almost eerie silence, garlic, curry, microscopes, telescopes, Raspberry Pi, gothic horror, Jim Jarmusch films, West Texas, Central Nevada, rural New England, the Sonoran Desert, Belgian ales, J.D. Salinger, John Fahey.

I am very interested in Renaissance alchemy, in particular alchemical emblems and artwork.

I am a lifelong computer hobbyist, but MBTI tests over the years always indicate INFP. Introverted with an overactive imagination (and therefore easily distracted), my life is a series of contradictions which are more irritating and tedious than they are interesting.

Lots of earth and air, some water, but little fire. I am the base elements your local alchemist warned you about.