The Dust Council

Last Updated: July 15, 2020

If there is one aspect of life in Southern Arizona which differs from my New Jersey upbringing it is this: dust.

Each year in February I unhook all of my computer equipment, carry it to the back patio, open it up, and blast it with a shop-vac.

I collect Vietnam War-era publications, underground newspapers, fringe culture detritus, old computer equipment, books on alchemy and the occult, pocket knives, flashlights, and regrets.

I like remote deserts, gray misty seashores in midwinter, dark forests, old cathedrals, thunderstorms, overgrown paths, coyotes howling, owls, monasteries, Gregorian chants, stained glass, ruins, and wind.

I enjoy solitude and almost eerie silence, garlic, curry, capsaicin, Perl (I know), microscopes, telescopes, Raspberry Pi, old computers, gothic horror, Jim Jarmusch films, West Texas, the Great Basin, rural New England, the Sonoran Desert, Belgian ales, J.D. Salinger, John Fahey.

I am very interested in Renaissance alchemy, in particular alchemical emblems and artwork.

I am a lifelong computer hobbyist, but MBTI tests over the years always indicate INFP. Introverted with an overactive imagination (and therefore easily distracted), my life is a series of contradictions which are more irritating and tedious than they are interesting.

Lots of earth and air, some water, but little fire. I am the base elements your local alchemist warned you about.

You can reach me in a variety of ways listed on my contact page.

Personal Stuff

Current MooringJust outside of Tucson, Arizona
Where I'm from originallyLopatcong, New Jersey (near Phillipsburg)
Graduate ofRutgers University - New Brunswick [1994]
My generationGeneration X (born in the last years of the Vietnam War)
CareerI help people chop time into little pieces.
ReligionCafeteria agnostic.
PoliticsBored. So incredibly bored. Shhh. Quiet time.

Computery Stuff

1978Atari 2600
1983Commodore 64
1984Dialed out to my first BBS on a Westridge 300 baud modem
1987Ran first BBS on Image v1.2a software
1992Internet shell account
1993First PC + second BBS running VirtualBBS

Current Arsenal

Daily DriverHomebrew Core i7-2600 (K)Windows 10 Home
File Server / DevelopmentHomebrew Core i5-4590Debian Stretch
Linux Desktop / ExperimentalSecond-hand HP Pavilion AMD A10-5700Kubuntu / Cosmic Cuttlefish
RouterHP Refurb Core i5-3470Debian Stretch
TabletiPad (5th generation)iOS
PhoneiPhone XRiOS

On shelves and in closets, for lack of space

DEC VT-320 terminal
DEC VT-420 terminal
Apple //e Enhanced
Commodore 128
IBM PC 5150

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